1 Year NFC Contact Infromation Hosting


Host your contact information for one year at nfccontact.com/myname. Attach your contact card at checkout (.vcf file).

How to export a .vcf file from your phone:

  1. Go to your Contacts app and create a new contact
  2. Fill in the information you want to share
  3. Click the share contact button
  4. Save to your local files or somewhere that you can upload a file from

After checkout, you will receive an email with the kind of NFC chip to buy (usually less than $20) and instructions on loading the URL to the chip (free and easy).

Do you want to use your own URL (E.g. www.yourname.com)? Select this option if you plan to buy a URL, or you already have one you’re NOT using. Note: you will have to share access to your registrar in order for this to work. Contact us if you need help with buying a domain. Custom domains are subject to availability, check a URL registrar before selecting this option. Why not load the .vcf directly to the chip? Because there are no standards on how different smartphones handle that file type. The most universal excepted format is a good old fashion URL.

Standard NFCcontact.com URL
Standard NFCcontact.com URL
Custom URL
Custom URL
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Standard NFCcontact.com URL, Custom URL